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Wanderer Imports - Maori Tribal Necklaces, Jewelry, & Pendants for Safe Passage Over Water
Hei Matau
Maori Symbol for Safe Passage over Water
Maori Symbol for New Beginnings,
Growth and Peace
Maori Symbol for
Eternal Friendship

Hi! My name is Sean West, and I am a kayaker, scuba diver, lifeguard, surfer, sailor, and raft guide from Asheville, North Carolina. I started wearing a Hei Matau in 2005, when I first saw the symbols at a rock festival and bought a few for kayaking friends. We've been wearing them since then as symbols of friendship, love of nature, and good times on the water. Since starting to import these carvings in early 2008, I have had the privilege of sharing the symbols with some incredible people. This has allowed me to keep learning and exploring, helped support the incredible carvers of a Balinese fishing village and hopefully spread some good vibes around the world. Thank you again for checking out the site, and if you have any questions, please donít hesitate to contact me. Stay safe on the water!
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About the Company

Wanderer Imports is dedicated to providing people who love the outdoors with awesome necklaces at a great price. The pendants are imported from skilled bone carvers in Balinese village. Necklaces have a 120% satisfaction guarantee for everyone.

About the Necklaces and their Symbolism

We have three main types of symbols, all based on traditional Maori Taonga. The Hei Matau is most famous as a symbol for safe passage over water. The Koru spiral is based on an unfurling baby fern, and is both part of the Maori tribal flag and a symbol for new life, growth and peace. The Twist is typically used to symbolize an eternal bond between two people or two groups of people. Please click on any of the "Buy Hei-Matau" "Buy Koru" or "Buy Twist" links to get more info about the jewelry.

Kayaking Story

This is an assignment for a writing class that I thought you guys might get a kick out of. Be advised that this was one of the stupider things Iíve ever done in a kayak and I really don't recommend this type of behavior to anyone, especially younger boaters. I am older, hopefully wiser and definitely much more safety conscious now. This also took place before I started wearing the Hei Matau and was part of the reason I bought them for my friends and I. Enjoy :-).
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